Automatic strapping machine and semi strapping machine diffe

Automatic strapping machine and semi strapping machine diffe(图1)

Fully automatic strapping machine no need to manually insert the belt, the trigger mode is divided into a little moving, manual, continuous hit, ball switch, foot switch, photoelectric sensor switch, just press the switch to automatically complete the packing, convenient and fast, suitable for single machine large batch Production, such as with automatic conveyor belts, can achieve automatic unloading of unmanned, greatly saving manpower and reducing costs.
In the case of semi-automatic strapping machine manual insertion is required. After the strapping is inserted, the machine automatically completes the packing process of tape, bond, cut, and tape. Since each product needs manual operation, it is not suitable for mass production, but the semi-automatic model is compact, cheap, easy to operate, and has low requirements on the strapping. It can be adapted to various materials and has a wide range. market. In order to avoid deformation when using it next time.
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