Non-Woven Fabric Folding Machine
Non-Woven Fabric Folding Machine

1.With stainless steel edge expanding plate and uncurl rollers, to improve the fabric edge hemming problem.
2.Automatic Infrared photoelectric sensor can automatically adjust the fabric folded position.
3.Operational process: inlet-center correction-automatic folding-sewing-outlet plaiting.
4.The machine will stop automatically at end of fabric.
5.Equipped with cloth center correcting device, ensure the cloth move at straight direction.
6.Equipped with high-speed double (or single) thread chain-stitch machine, equipped with automatic lubricate devices, to ensure high-speed sewing.
7.Track-IR probe into hem, selvedge stitch width can be adjusted.
8.The inverter automatically adjust the fabric tension running just one operator controls, saving manpower.
9.High speed single sewing machine, can adjust the stitch length according to processing requirements.